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Our Cartek Battery Isolators provide two functions. The first is to disconnect the Battery from all Electrical Circuits. The second is to kill the engine.

The Battery Isolators work by being fitted in between the negative side of the battery and the chassis. When the external kill button has been activated or the internal button been switched to the off state, then the Battery Isolator will disconnect the negative side of the battery from the Chassis. This means that no power can get to any of the electrical circuits as there is a break in the circuit.

This kills the engine by taking in a fixed 12v input and sending a 12v output that would power your Ignition or ECU. When the negative side of the battery has been disconnected it will also cut the 12v output powering your Ignition or ECU. This will kill the engine. Designed for cars with Standard ECU’s or Historic Race cars.

As Cartek Battery Isolators use ‘push to break’ external kill buttons it then allows use of two external buttons to be fitted in series. This was implemented by Ford in the Formula Ford Ecoboost series. If any of the Formula Ford cars would end up against a barrier or upside down, it then allowed a marshall to always have access to kill the engine.

The unit will instantly trigger into isolation mode when any of the kill buttons are struck or on detection of any fault or break in switch wiring circuits.

Cartek also manufacture a unique Fire Extinguisher button that also connects to the Battery Isolator Circuit. This means that if the Fire Extinguisher system has been activated the Battery Isolator will kill the engine and Isolate the battery.

Cartek Battery Isolator GT

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